Still waiting

06 May 2010
Yes, we're still waiting to get our computer back up and running. Meanwhile, we just wanted to thank y'all for checking in on us now and again. And to remind you to print out those coupons as soon as you see them. She who hesitates might not find them there tomorrow.

Funny, we find that we're not missing the computer as much as we thought. In fact, when Little Lord Parsimony offered the use of his last night, we weren't all that keen. We are determined to well use this time to clear the treadmill and use it as it was intended, and we've been bouncing daily on the mini trampouline. It's already getting a bit hot and humid for walking through the village, but a daily turn round the royal gardens is quite refreshing. We've enjoyed some lovely salads and steamed broccoli from the veg plot. Hopefully, we'll have potatoes and tomatoes soonly. Mr. Stripey (tomato) is the family favourite.

Are you gardening this year? It's a wonderful diversion and money-saver. With tomato prices ever increasing, growing your own just makes cents. ΞΎ:-)

God bless your budget!

TLC coupon from Kashi

04 May 2010

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Don't forget to go back and print a second coupon.

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