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16 August 2010
From Heart of Wisdom:

Back to Homeschool Specials

We are offering up to 50% off on several items in our Back to Homeschool Special at the Heart of Wisdom store.You can combine the coupons below to maximize your savings.

Back to Homeschool Coupon Codes

You CAN use these with other special offers at Heart of Wisdom Book Store.

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Coupons are only good in the linked categories listed here and expire August 19, 2010.
On checkout type in the code into the coupon code section and the cart will reflect your savings.
Yes, you can share these coupon codes.
Offer Expires: August 19, 2010

Free Lesson Plans for 36 Weeks!

Heart of Wisdom Day by Day Lesson Plans for Week 1 are now available. A new five day lesson plan set (Week 2, Week 3, etc.) will be available after 6:00 pm CST every Sunday for the next 35 weeks. Be sure to read the Bible, history and science overviews before downloading the files.

You can subscribe to get notification vial email or in an RSS feeder.

These Lesson Plans are our way of saying "Thank-You" for your support. We simply request that you do two things: provide a comment and tell a friend.
Look for this offer on the site, as well.

$5 off $25 at Crayola Store online

07 August 2010

Get ready to head back to school. Stock up on back-to-school essentials from and save $5 off $25 when you enter discount code 5OFFBTS at checkout through 8/31/10.

Also get a 15% discount off your first purchase when you sign up for the free newsletter. Not sure if you can combine the two offers.

Deals of the week!

06 August 2010
This has been one of our best weeks since we started hyper-couponing about 8 months ago! We finally made it to Staples on the last day of their free 'backpack' special and were delighted to find some very nice selections. Choosing one was quite difficult, but we did narrow it down to two. Then our shopping pal volunteered to put one in his cart so we could have both! The black one was half price and the tie-dye 25% off. We also used a 20% off coupon for the black one, which brought it down to $23.99... and we're getting a $29.99 rebate on it! CHA-CHING!

We also bought several other items, using Staples Rewards, that offered a rebate. So we now have a total - including cash back, Staples Rewards, and gift cards - of around $87.50 coming. Add to that a $10 Publix gift card from the Publix/ConAgra offer, $10 from Aveeno, and $4.96 from the lunch tote we got at Target. Can't wait for these to start rolling in!

Another AbFab deal was at Publix. We did this one three times. Each time, using five $1/2 coupons and the $5/10 ConAgra products Q, 10 bottles of Hunt's Ketchup (BOGO) gave us an overage of $1.25 toward other items! Twice, we opted for the Sabra Hummus (can't stop eating that stuff!) that was on sale and paid exactly $1.75, the cost of one ketchup, for everything! And at the end of the month, each use of our credit union ATM card has earned us 15¢. That came to over $40 this month! CHA-CHING!

Last, but certainly not least, for the final of several Friends and Family deals at Walgreens, we used a $25 Walgreens 'check' from a prescription transfer. Missing from the picture below are 6 more Big Rolls and 8 gallons of distilled water. We bought the 2 vitamins - which our insurance/wellness account paid for! - earlier in the day. Each one cost $7.50 and returned a $10 RR! CHA-CHING! We used the RR from one, along with a couple other RR's we had on hand, to pay for the Complete, one of the razors, and three Huggies wipes. (Almost forgot, we used a $4 coupon on each of the razors and combined store and MC's on the Huggies). The other $10 RR went to Publix for a few last minute deals on the final day of their sale.

Our final deal at Walgreens filled a cart and cost us exactly 13¢! Remember, we get 15¢ for using the ATM card, so we actually made a 2¢ profit! CHA-CHING!

OOP between Publix and Walgreens: $3.63.
RR's in our wallet right now: $23! CHA-CHING!!!!!
Oh, and we found that the cashier made some mistakes, so they owe us 75¢.

Also, we didn't even get a chance to post our CVS deals, which gave us a chance to roll some ECB's with a mere pittance, mostly tax, OOP. This is WAY working for us! :)

Who'da thunk, a year ago, we'd actually be buying more and paying less?! One of the very best things about this new lifestyle is 'buying' so many things we don't need. We've been able to donate quite a few items to the local 'children's home'. They tell us it's a blessing, but we truly believe we are blessed even more. We always leave their office with huge smiles and singing hearts!

OO! OO! Edit: Almost forgot the 2 Alive! coupons, making the vitamins $6.50 each; with a $10 RR per, those 2 alone netted us a $7 profit! CHA -CHING!

God bless your budget!

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