Coupon Guilt?

31 March 2011
Do you ever feel a bit guilty when you use a lot of coupons? Particularly competitors' coupons? Has someone else, cashier or another shopper, insinuated that you're doing something wrong?

Here's a quote from Ellie Kay's book, Shop, Save and Share:
... One store manager with eighteen years experience told me:
'It's hard to believe, Mrs. Kay, that we don't lose money on even someone like you. You would think that when a person only pays $35 for $150 worth of groceries, we would lose money. But the manufacturers reimburse us for their coupons and the store's marketing department reimburses us for double coupons and competitor's coupons. So coupons are just like cash to us. I will say that taking $115 in cash is a lot easier than taking $115 in coupons. Still, that's our job.'
'Nuff said?

God bless your budget!

$1 off 3-in-1 oil!

29 March 2011

Click here to get a coupon for $1 off your next purchase of one can 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil! (No size is specified)

Publix trip!

21 March 2011
It's been a little while since we posted about our grocery savings. Not that we haven't been doing some wondermous deals... it's jsut that, well, life be so daily. :) We're beginnning to get a bit of a reputation at our local Publix market. Tonight's list was very short, as we're pretty well stocked up with most of our needs, However, deals like these are just too hard to pass up.

We picked up:
2 packages of beef hot dogs
2 packages of turkey hot dogs
4 Kid Cuisine meals
2 cartons of Florida's Natural OJ
2 Philadelphia Cooking Cremes
2 packages of Vigo yellow rice
2 Reese's PB cups.

Coupons we used:
(2) Buy 1 Oscar Mayer beef hot dogs, get 1 OM turkey dogs free
(2) Buy OM hot dogs, get $1 off Publix produce
(1) Buy 3 OM hot dogs, get 1 free (Target coupon)
(1) Get 1 Philly Cooking Creme FREE
(1) $1.50 off one Philly Cooking Creme
(2) $1 off 2 Kid Cuisine meals
(2) 50¢ off Vigo yellow rice
(1) B1G1 PB cups (Target coupon)
(1) $5 off $25 purchase (CVS coupon)

Our grand total was $3.49; we saved $38.36! That's a 91.7% savings!
(Sorry we didn't get a picture. Long day, long trip home, rush to get frozen items put away.)

God bless your budget!

Groupon: Up to 57% Off Bahamas Cruise and Resort !!!

18 March 2011
WoW! Groupon just keeps getting better and better!

$299 for Two-Night Cruise for Two Guests (Up to $689 Value) or $449 for Two-Night Cruise and Two-Night Stay in a Bahamas Resort for Two (Up to $804 Value) from Celebration Cruise Line!

Both these Groupons include up to $115.80 in taxes, customs, and port fees (up to $57.90 per person) that regular cruise customers pay over ticket price. An additional $88.44 in taxes and service fees for two people applies to the hotel stay option, and is included in the Groupon for that option.

Limit 10 per person. You can also buy up to 10 as gifts. You can only use one per visit. As always, be sure to read all the fine print, particularly in travel deals like this!

The Duchess is not responsible for any misunderstandings or disputes with Groupon or Celebration Cruise Line or anyone else associated with this or any other deal. Inform yourself before making any purchase!

Winn Dixie deals this week!

16 March 2011
It’s warming up, so time to start the grill and have a cookout! This week’s Make-A-Meal at Winn-Dixie can help you with that. Also, save big on breakfast with the Kellogg’s cereal What-A-Deal.


With the purchase of one bag of Kingsford charcoal for $9.99, customers will receive the following items FREE:

· Bryan jumbo franks or Echrich jumbo meat dogs*, 16 oz.
Winn-Dixie hot dog or hamburger buns, 11 oz.
Winn-Dixie squeeze mustard, 16 oz.
Doritos, 11-11.5 oz.
* brand varies by store

That’s $9.66 in savings! Offer good 3/16/113/22/11.


With the purchase of three Kellogg’s Cereals*, customers will receive the following items FREE:

· Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, 12 pack
2 Del Monte Fruit Naturals fruit cups, 8 oz.
Seneca apple juice, 48 oz.
Milk, 1 gal.
*23oz. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, 17oz. Froot Loops, 17oz. Apple Jacks or 17oz. Corn Pops

That’s $12.57 in savings! Offer good 3/16/113/22/11.

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