Coupon Guilt?

31 March 2011
Do you ever feel a bit guilty when you use a lot of coupons? Particularly competitors' coupons? Has someone else, cashier or another shopper, insinuated that you're doing something wrong?

Here's a quote from Ellie Kay's book, Shop, Save and Share:
... One store manager with eighteen years experience told me:
'It's hard to believe, Mrs. Kay, that we don't lose money on even someone like you. You would think that when a person only pays $35 for $150 worth of groceries, we would lose money. But the manufacturers reimburse us for their coupons and the store's marketing department reimburses us for double coupons and competitor's coupons. So coupons are just like cash to us. I will say that taking $115 in cash is a lot easier than taking $115 in coupons. Still, that's our job.'
'Nuff said?

God bless your budget!


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