New Pillsbury Grands coupon

29 January 2010

Save $1.00 on any Frozen Pillsbury Grands Biscuits when you buy any flavour Progresso Soup. Print here. We're trying to figure whether we can use two of these along with a BOGO Progresso coupon. ???

This week's mail!

23 January 2010

It's been a while since we've so looked forward to the mailman's arrival. Hopefully, this week's post is just a sample of greater things to come. This all arrived on the same day. Ain't God good?! We forgot to include in the pic the rebate - on a Visa card - from hhgregg. $69.99 for the delivery of our new stove a few weeks back. The McD's GC's - $10 worth - were for taking surveys, The Mueller's booklet is a calendar with coupons for each month. And, as you can see, the check from Kraft is for the Keep the Jingle in Your Holidays rebate. Yes, we've been eating a lot of Ritz crackers lately. 8-]

Possibly the most important lesson we've learned in this is to keep records of what we send in and when. We have a very good memory, but it can only retain just so many details.

God bless your budget!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

$100 in seeds FREE!

22 January 2010
Modern Roots is giving away $100 worth of seeds! Sign up and add any craft project w/photo. Deadline is 29 January. Click here for more details.

Kids eat free at Piccadilly

Now at Piccadilly, KIDS EAT FREE every day after 4 p.m. Bring the family to your local Piccadilly for a homestyle meal and a great value.

Kids six and under get their choice of entrées like Chicken Tenders, Roast Beef and Fried Fish, plus two sides, dessert and a kids drink.

Give your kids a meal they'll love at a price you'll love - free! - every day of the week.

Find a location here.

Publix 'recognized'

19 January 2010
From the CFO's Press Office:


TALLAHASSEE — Florida CFO Alex Sink today offered this statement following reports that Publix Super Markets, Inc. is rated the most highly valued brand among the 250 largest retail companies in the world:

“I congratulate Publix on this achievement, and thank them for all they do to create and sustain thousands of jobs in our state” said CFO Sink. “It is essential that we continue to support entrepreneurs and businesses in Florida, so that more businesses are attracted to our state and are able to grow and flourish as Publix has.”

Publix Super Markets Inc. is based in Lakeland, Florida, and more than 700 of Publix’s 1,012 supermarkets are located throughout the state. As the nation’s largest employee-owned supermarket chain, Publix generates $24 billion in annual revenues and employs more than 141,000 nationwide. Publix’s recognition as the most highly valued brand is based on Q ratios, which are calculated as the market value of a company divided by the replacement value of the firm's assets.

New CVS coupons

17 January 2010

Well, they're new to us, anyhow. We found these on the pharmacy counter. Coupons included are:
  • $1 0ff any one 5-oz or larger bag, box or pouch of Smartfood, Baked Stacy's, TrueNorth, or Sun Chips brand snacks
  • $1 off any Wisk 50-oz or larger
  • $1 off any Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 4-oz or larger
  • $1 off any Lady Speed Stick 24/7 or Speed Stick 24/7 or Speed Stick Pro (excl trial size)
  • $1 off any Gold Emblem Almond Product
  • $1.50 off any 2 Colgate adult or kids powered toothbrushes
  • $2 off any CVS/pharmacy skincare product
  • $2 off any Fuel 2-pack
  • $2 off any 2 Blade personal care products
  • $2 off any full size Viologie purchase
  • $2 off any full size Fruitopia purchase
  • $2 off any Essence of Beauty purchase over $3.99
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Purely Decadent, So Delicious coupon

16 January 2010
$1 on any Purely Decadent or So Delicious Dairy-free frozen dessert or refrigerated item
Request your printable - name and address are required - here. Hit the back button and print twice.

Check your local coop. Right now, ours has So Delicious Coconut Milk (64-oz) on sale for $3.49 and Coconut Milk Yogurt (6-oz) at 2/$3. OK, not bargain basement, but not bad for organics.

Update: Click on the pic below to see a list of coops participating in this sale.
It looks like there are more stores here. If one is near you, check their sales.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

AbFab Giveaway!

15 January 2010
Quick! Run right over to I Heart Publix and check out her latest super giveaway! You know you want this stylin' coupon clutch binder...

... AND the Deluxe Coupon Organizer System to match!

On second thought, take your time. You have plenty of time. Of course, the 19th is aeons away. And who needs more competition? 8-}

Actually, we just finished putting together our own thrifty, work-with-what-we-have-on-hand, coupon binder. We only had to buy some pocket pages.

As you can see, we really need that far superior binder! And who would have dreamed we would have so many coupons that ten 9-pocket pages would be insufficient?! And notice how well it goes with our blog's colour scheme! Alright, it's settled. DON'T check out this giveaway. DO check out the rest of that wonderful site, but step away from the clutch! 8-}

God bless your budget!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

CVS 1, Wags 0

14 January 2010
Our Walgreens excursion this evening was a bust. Apparently, there was a mix-up concerning the L'Oreal hair colour coupon. We left empty-handed. Next stop, CVS. This turned out rather well. On scanning our CVS card, we received a coupon for a free Dove bar or $2 off a laydown bag. We opted for the single bar, on sale at 2/$1. We also found Suave body wash for $2.79. Normally, we'd have passed on that price, but there were 2 bottles with 50% extra and we had some ECB's we needed to use. What a nice surprise when the register took off the whole $2 for the Dove bar! Our grand total, including tax, was 50¢! We ARE amused! 8-]

Free shopping bag

12 January 2010
This little tote was a freebie from Vistaprint. Isn't it adorable?! There were so many choices, we had some difficulty choosing just one. (So we went back and bought another.)
We chose slowest shipping at $4.41. Normally, we would refuse to actually pay for a shopping bag, but we made an exception for this cute customized carryall.

Starting up is hard to do

We started this blog with such good intentions. But it's cold! We're talking C O L D! We live in FL. It's never supposed to be this cold this long. To be honest, we just haven't felt much like shopping. We did do 6 or 7 Chips Ahoy deals at Walgreens and used some of those RR's for newspapers, tp and milk. And we sent Little Lord Parsimony to Publix for a few end-of-sale eatables. We had planned on making the rounds today, but it got to be mid-afternoon and we thought about how long it would take... dusk would surely descend upon us before we got home. We are ill-prepared for freezing temperatures at sunset. Tomorrow is another day. If we can get an earlier start, we should be able to catch up a bit.

In the meantime, we've been putting together our coupon binder. This is going to make things so much easier for us. We've been juggling envelopes and trying to keep track of which coupons we're actually using each trip. We already had most of our needs on hand and we found the best price on the rest on eBay. We're just waiting on one final element to complete the system. Then we'll post pictures.

God bless your budget!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Best laid plans

04 January 2010
Our intent was to start right out on 1 January recording all our purchases, savings, etc. For the past 5 days, We've been working through all sorts of problems with our new DSL service. On the bright side, it WAY beats dial-up! We finally gave up on the funky desktop until we can get it to the shop. It seems to have picked up a virus, though our new provider's virus scan came up empty. So, for now, it's laptop only. This is cramping our style just a bit as we were actually swiveling back and forth between the two machines for a couple days. Catching up with all the fun stuff we've been missing the past few weeks on one, seeking out deals and printing coupons on the other; we had a nice little rhythm going there. 8-Þ

Anyhow, we'll try to gather up all the receipts we've collectively collected so far this week and add them in here as time allows. Hope 2010 is a 10 for y'all. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

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