ApologetiX - half price!

08 September 2010

From the ApologetiX newsletter:
All ApologetiX CDs and stickers in our online store are half off while supplies last. Downloads are on sale, too.

We plan to put all CDs before 2009 back "into the vaults" as Disney does with their movies, so once they're out of stock, that will be it for now.

In fact, some of our older CDs are already out of stock, although they are still available as downloads. Most of the songs from the older CDs will be available again on our new ApologetiX Classics series.

In the meantime, even Recovery and The Boys Aren't Backin' Down are half off. Our songbook download, our Christmas downloads, and our Rare Not Well Done downloads are half off, too.

If you wish to get downloads for any of our CD titles and save the shipping cost, you can get the downloads for the same sale price as the CDs.

The prices posted in the online store are already marked at the half-off price.



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Duchess of Discount,

Here is the link for the new Winn-Dixie Make-A-Meal starting Wednesday September 15:


Most important meal of the day!

If you are interested in receiving this information sooner, feel free to send me your email address.

Have a wonderful week :)

Alexa Orndoff
St. John & Partners
(904) 596-2144

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