Gaining ground at the grocery

26 December 2009
We think we're getting the hang of this Publix/coupon thing! The other night, we just wanted to grab a few things before the sale ended. Being aware of the 'crackkdown' on coupon usage, we made sure we had a least as many items as Q's. To this end, we grabbed 2 Aunt Jemima products that were BOGO. It kinda went against the grain to not have printed out two $1 Q's for them this time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The cashier questioned the $5 Kodak camera Q (one-use cameras were BOGO), but the cashier next door said they were fine. In the end, we got $48.90 worth of groceries for $1.23 (including tax!) So we celebrated by grabbing some hamburger buns and a Mrs. Smith's blueberry pie that we didn't even have coupons for. Turns out, the pie was on sale, though. 8-}
Totals for that trip: $47.67 saved; $7.01 spent.

Thought to think: Had we used Q's for the Aunt Jemima, Publix would have owed us 77¢. Had we not bought them at all, they would have owed us $1.46! In Florida, as far as we've been able to determine, that's an extremely rare occurrence. And we think it would not have worked here, coz we would have had two more Q's than items. Maybe if we grabbed a couple Publix gift cards and made sure they got rung up first...


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