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12 December 2009
We started this blog to keep track of our savings. It seems the easiest way for someone of our scatter-brained personality type. (*;*) If someone else happens to be inspired to coupon or learns something helpful, well that's just gravy.

Tonight, we just had to post about our first big Walgreens deal. We know this is small potatoes to most Wags vets, but it was quite exhilarating for us.

We started out with a list and one $3 RR (Register Reward). We had a plan to do two transactions. For the first transaction, we bought:
1 Stayfree 16-pk Ultra Thin Pads - $1.99
1 Conair hairbrush -$2
1Neutrogena Men's Skin Care - $4.99
1 Just For Men Touch of Grey - $6.99
1 - Renu .. Solution, twin pack - $9.99

The total, before tax, was $25.96. This kicked out a $5 RR (offered for purchase of $25 or more). Then we handed over our coupons. $1/Stayfree, $2/Neutrogena, $2/Touch of Grey, and $2/Renu. Oh, and our $3 RR, which brought the (sub)total to $15.96. Hang on, it gets better. Now the register kicked out a $2 RR for the Stayfree, a $2 RR for the brush, a $5 RR for the Neutrogena, a $7 RR for the Touch of Grey, and a $10 RR for the Renu. At this point, we're $15.96 OOP (out of pocket), BUT we have $31 in RR's to use on other Walgreens purchases.

Next, we bought:
2 Olay body washes - $4.79 each
2 Olay body lotions - $9.99 each
Total (before tax) - $29.53
Another $5 RR ($25 purchase) pops out

We used two Buy any body wash, get body lotion free coupons. The key word there is ANY. We opted, of course, for the least expensive. Now the (sub)total is $9.58. We handed over a $7 and a $2 RR and paid OOP, $2.65.

OK, so now we have a rebate form for the Touch of Grey. That'll give us back $6.99. And there's an Olay body lotion rebate that may or may not be accepted since we didn't actually PAY for the lotions. If acceptable, that'll be another $19.98 back. If you're still following, this'll knock your socks off. Factoring in our OOP, the RR's we got back and the rebates, we'll be realizing a $33.54 profit! ($13.56 if the Olay is ineligible). Not too shabby, either way, eh? Even if we threw everything we just bought in the trash, we'd be ahead.

We can hardly wait for the next sale at Walgreens. What a rush! 8-} But now the adrenaline is wearing off and there'll be a free BOB (Breakfast on a Bun) with our name on it at WhataBurger in the morning. Tomorrow, we'll try to catch up on some Publix savings. Sleep sweet, y'all!

Get out there and SAVE!


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