Coulda, shoulda, woulda

05 February 2010
Another lesson learned tonight. We had planned on going to CVS tomorrow, but Little Lord Parsimony needs the car all day. So we gathered all the coupons and ECBs we needed and headed out with a plan. Memo to us: never go on Friday night. Our quiet, sleepy little store was jumpin'! People kept getting in line behind us with one or two items, so we kept letting them go ahead. Finally, we took our turn. Transaction ONE (of 3 planned) was fast and flawless. Transaction TWO was interrupted by a worried heir-to-the-throne who had been waiting far too long in the royal carriage. About the same time, the cashier informed us we needed a filler. We had the heir grab a candy bar, but Lady Cashier had forgotten to factor in the $1.50 coupon, so we needed more. The people behind were getting antsy. All this was simultaneous and our brain short-circuited. We put the paper towels on the counter and ended up with a $4.04 total, including tax. We stewed all the way home over the extra $2-3 we had just spent. Had we taken a minute to think, we could have grabbed 2 candy bars as filler, then used one of the ECBs from deal 2 to pay for the paper towels. We'd have bought more and spent less. >:\

We've decided the biggest lesson tonight is, 'forgive yourself '. We fumbled a deal. Move on. There will be another. Two months ago, we wouldn't have cared about such a small amount. Now we know just how much we can do with a few farthings. :-]

All in all, it was still a good trip. We went in with $11 in ECBs and came out with $11.49 (ECBs), a $4 off $20 purchase and a $3 off any Glade Fragrance collection Q. We can live with that.

God bless your budget!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


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