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22 February 2010
We've been shamefully neglecting this blog of late. Life has a way of sneaking up on one and, before you know it, a week has passed, then two.

This deal was definitely worth the wait, though. We headed for CVS with $11.49 in ECBs and a fistful of coupons. We have been going toward the end of the sale and they're out of most items on our list. So we thought the second day would be good. Wrong! The BumbleBee tuna was cleaned out and people were standing in line for rain checks. It looked like Saturday night in our normally sleepy little store. So we trekked up to the big city, making sure we had a plan B on which to fall back.

Ever have one of those days when God just blesses your socks off? When we got to CVS #2, we beelined for the BumbleBee. There were exactly 13 cans left - we wanted 10 - 3 of which had been decorticated... labels torn off. We gleefully tossed the tuna into the cart and made our way back to the SoftSoap, where we found big empty spaces above the 88¢ signs. Not a huge deal, but now we'd have to sub 2 rolls of CVS paper towels, for which we had no coupons. This was going to add $1 to our total. Still hopeful, we circled the store to complete our list, finding everything and scanning to make sure we had exactly the right items. We went back to the soap aisle to return a different variety that had scanned unacceptably and took one last look, just in case. Would you believe it? Someone had put back 2 bottles, on the wrong shelf, half hidden. YES! The right item, the right number... PTL! Go God!

OK, now are you ready for the punch line? Any guesses how much we spent for all the items pictured above? Ten cans of tuna, two Softsoaps, one Colgate MaxFresh, one Mennen Speed Stick, one EARinse, and one roll of CVS paper towels. The original total was over $22. Our OOP was exactly plus 50¢ tax! AND we got back $11.99 in ECBs! The receipt says our total savings was $41.42.

How did we do it? It breaks down like this...
10 cans tuna @$.49 each
2 Softsoap @ .88 each
1 Colgate MaxFresh - 2.99 - got $2 ECB
1 Mennen Speed Stick - 2.99 - got $2 ECB
1 EARinse - 7.99 - got $7.99 ECB
1 CVS paper towels - .88
Two $1/5 cans tuna
Two .50/1 Softsoap
One $1/1 Colgate MF
One $1/1 Mennen SS
One $5/$15 CVS purchase
One $6 ECB
One $5.49 ECB

So, have you been wheeling and dealing and super-saving? Hop over to Fiddledeedee's blog and link up your super deal of the week.


Tracey said...

Wow - so impressive!! It's neat to see God bless in the "little" things!

The Real Me! said...

I've tried to play the CVS game but I"m not very good at it. I'm not doing something right I'm sure.
Great savings.

Cheryl said...

No way! This just blows my mind. Can this be done anywhere or do you have to live in a certain area. We have a walmart and a Country Mart. I desperately need to save money now that we (Hubby and I) are both unemployeed at the moment. (Please pray for Hubby to get a job this week).

Kathy C. said...

Wow! That's are far more dedicated to coupon clipping than I will ever be...great deal of savings!

suburban prep said...

I love tuna sandwichs. So that is where all the tuna went.
I am adkes quite of ten by my parents to take them to CVS because of the discount that I get with the card. They do not have one. (My mother also doesn't drive).

Merrie L. said...

There should be a course in school for this... lol I get giddy just reading the article, I can just imagine how YOU feel! :) Love it!

WhiteStone said...

Good Job!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

I love finding great deals!!
Way to go!!

jena said...

WoW! I am definitely going to start shopping CVS! Who knew?!

KellyRae said...

That is truly amazing! I'm just getting started myself. Can't wait to reach that point.

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