Duke's dandy drugstore deals!

26 June 2010
The Duke made a last-minute run to CVS and Walgreens this afternoon and scored better than planned.

At Walgreens, he picked up one Re-nu contact solution ($7.49) and two Butterfingers (50¢ each) as fillers (coz he had 3 coupons). He used one $2 Re-nu coupon, two $2 RR's and an old Wags gc that had $1.69 left on it. Total OOP was $1.40 and he got a $7.50 RR. Plus, we get 15¢ back for every purchase using our bank's ATM card!

Next, at CVS... we decided to hold on to our ECB's till the new sale starts tomorrow. We started out with one CVS coupon for a free Dove bar or $2 off a larger amount and one free gift (choice of one 20-pk antibacterial wipes or shave cream ) coupon. The only other items on our list were 2 PowerBars @ 99¢, each of which gave us a 99¢ ECB. The Duke grabbed the shave cream ($1.49), 2 PowerBars ($1.98) and a Dove bar (89¢). The register took $2 off for the Dove and $1.79 for the shave cream, leaving a total of 57¢ and 10¢ tax. So, 67¢ OOP and we saved $3.79. AND we got $1.98 in ECB's. That, along with a $1 ECB for his 4th green bag tag* scan and the 15¢ ATM rebate, gives us a $2.46 profit!

Honestly, 6 months ago, we would have taken very little stock in the notion of saving money at CVS or Walgreens. But we're sitting here now with $46 in ECBs, a fistful of CVS coupons and a cupboard chock full of toiletries and paper products, most of which were dirt cheap if not free. The hardest part of the whole process is planning the best strategy to roll the ECB's/RR's. For beginners who might find that a challenge, just go back to our blog list (lower right) and you'll quickly find someone who has already posted some suggested scenarios. Go for it! Just think, once you're paying pennies on the dollar for all your toiletries, you'll have so much more in your budget for those pricey organics! 8-]

God bless your budget!

*'CVS/pharmacy will donate 5 cents to World Wildlife Fund for every Green Bag Tag™ sold between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011.'


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