Pinching pennies at Publix

21 June 2010
We've long since lost count of how many times we've been asked, 'Is it really worth it?', when discussing coupons. Well, of course it is! Today's Publix trip is a good example. We spent $8.18, plus the tax on the Kool-Aid, and saved $42.96! That's a little more than 84% off! Average cost per item was just a fraction over 48¢.

How did we do it? Here's the breakdown:
2 Contessa Green Cuisine Meals @ $4.99 - $3.49 each after coupons
2 Eggo Waffles [BOGO] @ $2.59 - 11¢ overage after coupons
2 Bailey's Coffee Creamer [BOGO] @ $2.09 - $1.10 overage after coupons
4 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables @ $1.00 - 75¢ each after coupons
2 Arnold WholeGrain Bread [BOGO] @ 3.69 - no coupons
1 Kool-Aid Fun Fizz Drink Drops @ $1.99 - FREE after coupon
1 Philadelphia Minis @ $1.99 - FREE after coupon
1 pint blueberries @ $1.50 - FREE after coupon
1 5.6-oz raspberries @ $2.00 - 50¢ after coupon
1 tomato @ 79¢ lb. - 52¢, no coupon
And we used a $5/$25 from a competitor

So, are you convinced now? Really, it doesn't take that much time to clip. And most of the legwork has already been done for you. Just google for couponing blogs and you'll find someone who has matched the weekly sales with available coupons. Or click one of the links in our blog roll. Click, snip, save!!!

God bless your budget!


The Real Me! said...

Okay here's the thing. Very rarely do I buy anything "processed" and if I do it's usually organic in nature. Meaning no artificial preservatives. So there aren't many vendor coupons for veggies, milk, eggs, chicken, fruit, etc. You know what I mean?
I've recently joined a coop and am getting really nice fruits and veggies, pretty cheap. And they are organic. So that's helping.

How did I not know you had this website? You've got some good tips and deals on here my friend.

I'm glad you showed it to me.
Love ya!

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