Reversing the cash flow! 19¢ PROFIT!

28 June 2010
We had a short list again today, coz we really wanted some muffins, but payday isn't till Wednesday. We had calculated the total to the penny and reckoned it was going to set us back all of 4¢.

It worked out like this:
(2) ½-gallon cartons Smart Balance milk - BOGO = $3.59
(2) 4-count Publix bakery muffins - also BOGO = $2.89
(4) Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo @ $1.99 = $.7.96
(4) ears of corn @ 10/$1.49 = 60¢
Grand total = $15.04

We used:
(2) $2/1 Smart Balance coupons
(4) $1/1 Kraft SS Mayo (manuf) coupons
(4) $1/1 Kraft SS Mayo (Publix) coupons
(1) $3/$15 competitor's coupon

We're not entirely sure how it happened, but the cashier said she couldn't accept one of the $1 coupons, because it would result in a negative balance. Stupefied - huh?! - we asked if she couldn't key it down to zero. She consulted the manager, who told her to just scan it in and give us the overage! We walked in the store with a list and a handful of coupons and walked out with a bagful of groceries and 19¢ in our pocket!

We did, eventually, figure out HOW it happened, but we're still not sure just WHY. And frankly, my dear, we couldn't give a hoot! We're doing the making money at the market mambo! ☺

God bless your budget!


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